After my acne was all gone with the Tea Tree face wash, I was in search of something that would fade off my blemishes to achieve an evener skin tone.

On my way to buy the second face wash from The Body Shop, I picked up The Body Shop Tea Tree Serum and was excited to try it out.

This review is about The Body Shop Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution (or so-called Tea Tree Serum) after using it for 4 weeks.


The Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution is a lightweight, pre-serum concentrate that fights imperfections and improves the overall skin condition. After 4 weeks of regular use, skin looks cleaner, smoother, purified, healthier, mattified and soothed with reduced blemishes and imperfections.



Skin Type Suited For: Oily to combination Skin

Skin Concern: Blemishes

Age Suited For: 25 to 40 years.

My experience with the product

While I’ve been using this product over 4 weeks, I started noticing visible changes right after the second week. The dark spots left started fading and the color of my skin was clearing day by day.

I used the Body Shop Tea Tree Serum twice a day (morning and evening) after washing and toning my skin with face wash and toner from The Body Shop Tea Tree range.

I also applied moisturizer after 10 minutes of applying the serum. I used the L’Oreal Sunscreen SPF 15 during the day and Oils of Life from The Body Shop at night.

Even if you have oily skin, I would recommend not skipping the moisturizing routine after the serum. You can use any moisturizer according to your skin type.

After 4 weeks of using it, I can see the changes. My skin complexion appears fresher, smoother and visibly flawless.

The blemishes have totally faded away and my skin texture has improved significantly. My skin appears bright and radiant compared to the dull tone I had earlier.

Since this contains tea tree oil, I was expecting some acne control formulation from this, but this really does not work to control pimples. However, it removes the acne spots completely.

BTC Rating


Insider Information

The Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution from the Body Shop might not work good for you if you have dry skin or want a luminous finish. It is a serum but gives a matt finish.

Buying Advice

The best place to buy this product is from The Body Shop store itself.
Use it along with the face wash for best results.

Would you recommend the product or buy it again?

I highly recommend this product for people with oily skin. It will give you a completely oil-fee look.

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